Sport Horse Auction

Sport Horse Auction 2023

Every year Veiling Dronten organizes their annual sport horse auction in April or May. This year (2023) in our beautiful new location: Hippisch Centrum Flevodrome, Dronten. Drafts, of approximately 30 horses ranging in the age from 3 to 5 years old, are carefully put together with conformation, appearance, predisposition, and pedigree for a top sport horse in your chosen discipline. The horses are required to be 100% approved by a recognized veterinarian, both clinical and x-ray. Clinical vet reports should be no older than three months, x-ray no older than five months. In the interest of transparency, all are viewable by potential buyers.

In addition, Veiling Dronten offers the unique opportunity of a six-week training program in the run-up to the auction, led by none other than Henk Frederiks. Henk has a proven track record of training and competing horses at all levels from young horse classes to Grand Prix. He will be assisted by other professional riders, both dressage and show jumping. The horses will be accommodated and trained at Stal Bakker & Frederiks located in Wapserveen.

On top of that, potential buyers have the opportunity to try the horses prior to the auction at location in Wapserveen.

General information


Chairman: Mr. A.K. Smeenk

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Mr. J.W. Schurer
Mr. C van Zanten
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Ms. A. van der Veen (treasurer)
Ms. J. Hillebrand
Ms. A. van der Wereld