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Selection Sport Horse Auction Dronten 2023

On Tuesday 16 May 2023, the 45th edition of Dronten Sporthorse auction will take place. This year for the first time at our beautiful new location: Hippisch Centrum Flevodrome, Dronten. From now on you can register your sport horse again for the auction. This year the committee is again looking for fine sport horses from 3 to 5 years old. The horses must, in addition to a correct and appealing exterior, have very good movements and or jumping techniques. Also selected is clinical and radiological health. Does your sport horse meet these conditions? Then register your horse for the 44rd edition of our auction. This year too, Veiling Dronten is offering the 6-week training as extra service under the direction of Henk Frederiks.

Veilingcommissie Dronten
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8219 PD Lelystad
tel: 0321-321621
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The horses to be auctioned must have a clinical and radiographic report. The clinical report may not be older than 3 months (>16 february 2023) at the time of auctioning (16 May 2023), the radiographic report may not be older than January 1, 2023. The reports must meet the requirements of Veiling Dronten, the competent inspection clinic is Dierenkliniek Emmeloord.