Register Foals

Foal auction Dronten is held on Friday 6 September 2019

*Selection is closed*

Early selection at home is possible just like previous years. For this you can contact the secretariat or complete the registration form below. The early home selections take place from mid-May after a telephone appointment.

In addition to the early home selections, regular selections are made at central locations throughout the country. You can register a foal by filling the registration form below, In addition to the registration form, we would like to receive a copy of the foal’s studbook paper (if not present than from the mother), please bring it to the selection site!

This data can be sent to:
Veiling Dronten
t.a.v. mevrouw L. van Zanten
Klokbekerweg 9
8219 PD Lelystad
tel: 0321-321621
mob: 06-13847594

If specified in time, the sender will receive a message by post about the time that he/she is expected at the selection location.
Take sport and breeding data with you to the selection location, do not send!

For more information, please contact the secretariat (Mrs L. van Zanten) on telephone number (0321) 32 16 21.