After an excellent preselection knew Marije Tromp to place itself as sixth in the final of the Pavo Cup 4 year olds. Ignado Empire was auctioned in 2013 through foal auction Dronten and is bred by W.F. Meijerink from Stieltjenskanaal. We congratulate the owners, breeder and wish them good luck with this promising horse.

The jury verdict was as follows;

Marije Tromp brings the Dream Boy-son Ignado-Rijk with plenty of harmony (8.5) to a total of 85.6 points. “A horse that is a good step, a 8.7. The trot is with a lot of balance, if he can start, a bit more power 8.9. The Canter (8.2) has a lot of technique, but would like some spring in your step. The construction as a dressage horse we reward with a 8.5. ” (Source:

Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk